With growing demand in mobile data traffic at fast pace, mobile operators are faced with challenge to maintain the services above standards. Multi vendors, Multi Technologies and growing complexity in the network, it's a challenging task to maintain enhanced user experience. Operators have to look out for innovative ideas and technologies to squeeze maximum capacity in existing network and to moderate investments on network expansions.
This trend is set to continue as smart phones appeal mass market and more advanced capabilities to be added on to the smart phones. In order to meet the with such demand for data traffic, mobile networks constantly has go through software or hardware changes either to enhance the network capacity or to introduce a new feature to enhance the performance. This leads to growing complexity in the network and increase in the scale of testing. Megron Tech has years of expertise in testing and validation of telecom software and can provide services in following domains.
  • Testing capability on 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UMTS/HSPA) and 4G LTE technology areas.
  • Test automation
  • End to end system testing
  • 3GPP protocol conformance validation.
  • End to end testing of LTE networks (e-NodeB, MME, PDN, Serving gateway , HSS, PCRF etc.)
  • Mobile device validation
  • Mobile device Application testing
  • Feature and functional testing
  • Acceptance testing
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