Location Based Mobile App Development Services

Seize new business opportunities by hiring our services at Megrontech for your location based apps development requirements. Applications supported by location tracking technology are growing at a rather fast based. With the imminent success of mobile based programs such as Yelp, Foursquare, etc these applications leverage the exact location of the user via GPS and provide relevant content which instigates a call to action.

At Megrontech, our expertise in developing cutting edge smart phone and cloud based web solutions helps us guarantee the delivery of high quality and feature rich applications within your given budget and timelines. We have successfully delivered applications to our clients and also have location based products and solutions..

location based mobile app development in south west England

Our team holds enriched experience for location based mobile app development in South West England which has been inculcated by being involved in a variety of projects of this nature.

The LBS Advantage

Also known as LBS applications, these tools offer critical competitive benefit by significantly extending the reach of your business. This further helps improve your bottom lines and increase in profit levels. Our LBS tools come with a variety of features such as coupon dissemination, music playlist creation, GPS enabled event discovery, local discovery of ongoing deals, mobile payments, and access to QR Code technology. These features are easily integrated into the application to offer to your audiences information in a convenient and user friendly manner.

Our Technologies

  • Battery Safe Geo Mobile Apps
  • A major advantage our development expertise offers is the use of battery optimised geo technologies which automatically manages the battery life of devices while employing its position tracking services. This helps users run your applications all day long without worrying about a drain.
  • GeoCoding
  • We at Megrontech also provide worldwide coverage for geo-coding, reverse geo-coding as well as point of interest search. These features help find geographic coordinates for addresses, search places of interest and covert coordinates into readable addresses. With such features your mobile apps can further enhance reach and help improve conversion rates.
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Whether your mobile app is being developed to track assets, set up a location based gaming platform or find friends nearby, this tool helps in implementing a comprehensive tracking system with great ease. Our tools work effectively indoors as well as outdoors and ensure battery safe tracking.
  • Big Data analytics cloud services
  • We can help our clients to build solutions to collect Geo information, maintain and analyze big data to provide critical business intelligence based on geo data points. Megron tech is one of the leading companies in south west England to provide complete mobile app solution end to end including web hosted dashboard style UI analytics. We specialize in hosting web services in Amazon EC2 and use latest technologies such as Node.js, jQuery and Angular jQuery.Hadoop,Storm, HBase,Pig, Amazon Dynamo DB are some of the big data technologies which we use..

    With a variety of other technologies such as the availability of a developer metrics, your business is able to easily assess how your app is being used. With such key insights, you can provide rich analytics that help chart out your future plans in the arena of mobile marketing.

    With user rich and business conducive features, there is no doubt that we are the best mobile app developers in South West England. For more information on our services, check our contact us page

    For more information on our offerings, call us on +44 (0) 1793686197 or write to us on info@megrontech.co.uk

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