Transform Android and iOS based smartphone to measure performance of mobile network. Our solutions help mobile operators and third party network optimisers to aggregate the network wide test measurement data received from RantCell app such as signal strength, data rates, user experience and quality of service. Not only the services can be measured but also such services can be geographically mapped which helps network operators or our partners to identify the degraded service areas. Due to low cost licensing our partners can deploy RantCell app in a large scale and there by building an larger footprint of network data.

  • Identify locations having service issues and traffic congested zones and compare network services with other competitors.
  • Build an information database on network performance by mass testing on network via Megron Tech enterprise server.
  • Use RantCell app as a field test tool to validate services on macro and small cells. For more details visit us at

Restaurant e-commerce platform

Restaurant e-commerce platform is becoming increasingly important for growing business for the restaurants. We are providing a great deal to merchants who are looking for restaurant app development services so that they could easily serve their clients, professionally. You have started your own business in this industry and opened a restaurant that you have been always dreamed of. A fully customized and branded mobile app for your restaurant with a back end which allows for the restaurant owners to change the description of the menu item or price, add deals, send push messages on-the-fly. Customers can easily browse the menu, find the nearest restaurant, book a table, or call up to order their favourite food. You can choose seamless delivery or pick-up and make payment happen by card or cash. We bring the power of mobile technology to create rich interactive app for your Android, iPhone, iPad to make the life for the restaurant owners easy and fast which enables them to gain advantage over competitors. Check our platform BhookhaGhoda

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